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The slice haunts millions of golfers worldwide.  After thousands of hours on the lesson tee during my 20 years as a golf instructor, two things remain extremely clear:

Golfers LOVE extra distance
Golfers HATE to slice

Slice-Free Golf will conquer BOTH issues and jump start your enthusiasm for the game of golf. In three quick steps, Slice-Free Golf will eliminate your slice and add distance and consistency to your game. And the transformation from slicer to long-baller will happen FAST!

Fast Tube by Casper

Banish your banana ball! Get your copy of Slice-Free Golf today.

Dramatically improving your golf swing does NOT need to be a long and challenging process. Slice-Free Golf is a fully-illustrated, easy-to-follow instruction book with…

Slice-Free Golf

  • 3 easy steps to more power, accuracy, and fun
  • 9 keys for more control and consistency
  • 100 photographs of what you should–and shouldn’t–see in your swing
  • More than two dozen drills and exercises
  • Bonus sections on fitness, club fitting, and the science of ball flight

It became painfully obvious to me in my early days as an instructor that the slice was going to be my biggest nemesis and to find a cure for it would be the key to bringing enjoyment of the game to my students. After many years of studying the slice, developing drills to combat it, and watching the demise of slice after slice, I have developed a winning combination of techniques to help golfers everywhere eliminate their banana ball tendencies and have a great time on the golf course.

As a former slicer, I can testify to the extreme frustration and dismay it causes, and how much more enjoyable the game is after being cured. My hope is to light the way for golfers everywhere to tackle the slicing beast, and put fun into the game because golf is a hobby for most who play it, and hobbies should bring joy and levity, not strife and strain. After following the steps in this book, golfers who slice will be transformed into golfers who hit straight, long beautiful shots, and are a lot more fun to be around!

Join the fun yourself…Get your copy of Slice-Free Golf today.