Golf Anger Management

There is a right way and wrong way to throw a golf club. Brian demonstrates the epitome of golf anger management in this short video.

Fast Tube by Casper

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3 Responses to Golf Anger Management

  1. Brian:

    Some clubs MUST die… That club, might have drowned, but how do you really know? You need to get out there and make sure that the job is finished so that that “#@*&*-ing club will never anger, disappoint, humiliate, embarrass, ANYONE again!!!

    My advice, take a hacksaw and a bench out there and cut it up into little pieces, then deposit a few pieces here and there in other lakes around the course, or better yet, at other fine venues in Westchester county… If you get stuck, call out to our old friend Vinny for help…

    Good luck, pal!

    -Pauly the fish

  2. The greatest physical benefit to playing golf is getting exercise from walking. Walking for 18 holes is often the equivalent of walking 3-to-4 miles. This gets the golfer’s heart going and blood pumping. It is a stimulating if not rigorous activity. Golfer who play three or four times a week are getting quite a bit of exercise.

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