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Slice-Free Golf


  • 3 easy steps to more power, accuracy, and fun
  • 9 keys for more control and consistency
  • 100 photographs of what you should–and shouldn’t–see in your swing
  • More than two dozen drills and exercises
  • Bonus sections on fitness, club fitting, and the science of ball flight

In three quick steps, Slice-Free Golf will eliminate your slice and add distance and consistency to your game. Visit your favorite bookseller or order your copy soon!


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Slice-Free Golf ISBN: 9781461199557
Slice-Free Golf Premium Color Edition ISBN: 9781463511463
Slice-Free Golf ebook ISBN: 9781458144317

Slice-Free Golf is available in print and many ebook formats. If you have a question about where you can find a copy to fit your ereader or other device, email Custom editions in larger quantities can also be arranged.

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